Desperate Hoping

Desperate Hoping
Haitian woman holds her son while waiting for treatment

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The airport and streets of Les Cayes.  These are the main streets of the city and the few that are paved.

The First Leg of the Trip

I am on the far left and next to me are Mary and Roger Williams who sponsored the trip.  That is their plane and they have been incredibly generous in using to get people and medical supplies to Haiti to aid in the relief effort.  Next to Roger Williams in the middle are two orthopedic surgeons from Santa Monica.

The destruction

Here are some photographs taken soon after the earthquake.  The photos are not mine and if there is a problem with using them here, please let me know.  From what I understand, the building codes in Haiti were designed to withstand hurricanes, not earthquakes.  These pictures are to give some appreciation of the incredible destruction from the earthquake in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere wherre there is very little infrastructure. 

Where is Haiti?

Haiti is located in the Carribean Sea very close to Cuba.  My first trip was to Les Cayes (le cai) which is on the southern pennisula of the island it shares with the Dominican Republic.  There is a mountain range running through the middle of the southern pennisula.  Les Cayes is sousth of those mountains and was not affected by the earthquake.